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Advantage of the sintered filter in filtration

2020-09-15 By zhaozhao

The simple definition of a sintered metal filter: It is a filter that has undergone the process of sintering. Sintering is a process of the metallurgy of your filter with different metals and alloys in powder form. The process of metallurgy happens through diffusion at temperatures that are below the melting point.

You can easily maintain the temperature and pressure resistance of the individual metals. This is because you can mix different metals by bonding without necessarily having to melt the metals. The advantage of this is that the resulting sintered filter element has a high temperature and pressure resistance.

Advantage of the sintered filter in filtration

Main Benefits points of the sintered filter in filtration

Sintered mesh using in general filtration as filter mesh and as support in a separation system. The sintered mesh has a stable structure and high mechanical properties and is particularly suitable for high pressure and mild filtration environment. It is a filter product reusable after cleaning.

Diversity: the sintered mesh sintering by single layer and also multiple layers. The multi-layer sintered mesh offers more possibilities for high-intensity and abusive use environments.

Stable Structure: the sintered mesh has good sculpture and a firm structure, and the filtration precision can be maintained in a stable state. Therefore, the sintered mesh filtered product has a stable product quality.

Reusable: Therefore, the original filter made by it will save the cost of component replacement in long-term use.

Advantage of the sintered filter in filtration

No wire lose: Sintered mesh secures all wire in the filters, so the structure is more stable, there will be no loose wire shedding. So that it is more suitable for small parts as well as special-shaped filter products.

Excellent surface finish: The surface of sintered components is characterized by the presence of flat areas with very low roughness, interspersed with dips corresponding to the porosity. This surface state is better than that of machined wrought materials, which feature an alternate series of peaks and troughs. The lower peaks presence allows reducing the run-in time of the components.

Vibration damping: The internal micro-porosity of sintered parts produce a damping effect on the vibration propagation.

Weight reduction: Sintered parts are typically 5% to 25% lighter than the same wrought components, as a consequence of the internal micro-porosity.

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