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Advantages of stainless steel screen

2021-03-15 By zhaozhao

Advantages of stainless steel screen:
1. High screening efficiency and large output;
2. Higher fineness;
3. The screen has no load and has a long service life;
4. A wide range of adaptable fineness;
5. Easy maintenance. Material: 304, 316L, 904L and other stainless steel wedge wires.

The stainless steel welded sieve element is composed of a support bar and a sieve bar. The support bar can be round wire, triangular wire or trapezoidal wire. The screen bar is triangular wire (v-shaped wire), with fine gap size and high filtration accuracy; it has a strong structure, high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties, long service life, and safety Features. Can be used for filtration and screening of a variety of media.

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