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Benefits of using stainless steel filter element

2021-01-13 By zhaozhao

The stainless steel filter element has the characteristics of long life, easy cleaning and low cost. These filter elements are widely used in chemical fiber, petroleum, chemical, electric power, pharmaceutical, machinery, metallurgy, ceramics, sewage treatment, food and beverage and cosmetics industries. The main filter element of the stainless steel filter cartridge is a woven fabric of stainless steel sintered fiber mesh and stainless steel wire.
With the rise of modern industry, there is no doubt that our environment is changing with each passing day. In order to protect the environment and maintain health and safety, many people want to invest in filter equipment. Among many types of filters, the most famous one is stainless steel filters. It can provide some advantages that other filters cannot. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is better than other filters. It is mainly used in large factories, such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, machinery industry, etc. Stainless steel filters have many advantages, as described below:
It has high temperature resistance, so it can withstand high temperatures of about 480. It is a fusion of countless edges and multi-layer solder joint filters.
Under normal circumstances, 304, 316L stainless steel wedges are usually used. The special material has the characteristics of high precision and corrosion resistance, and the highest filtration accuracy can reach 25 microns. Most suitable for corrosive environments.
High hardness is one of the significant advantages of stainless steel filters. In the grinding environment, there will not be much wear. Therefore, operation and maintenance costs are not high. In addition, management is also very simple.
The filtration system adopts scientific management. Therefore, the filtering operation of stainless steel is very precise. Depending on the filter supply and accuracy, the flexibility will change the time and the set value of the backwash pressure.
The filter uses a pneumatic drain valve. Therefore, backwashing does not take much time, and the consumption of backwashing is small. It is environmentally friendly, economical and practical.
The traditional filter has many advantages, but for some special cases, it cannot work properly. In this case, guess who will save you? If you are considering a stainless steel filter, that is the right choice.

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