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Detailed Explanation sintered metal mesh

2015-07-29 By zhaozhao

Sintered metal mesh material is a multilayer stainless steel mesh and stainless steel mesh, pressed and laminated by a special vacuum sintering process is made, a new type of filter material having high mechanical strength and overall structural rigidity. Its mesh screen layers are interleaved to form a uniform and ideal filter structure, not only to overcome the general metal mesh low intensity, poor rigidity, lack of mesh shape unstable and can pore size of the material, permeability and strength characteristics match the design reasonable, so that it has excellent filtering accuracy, filter resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and the workability, overall performance was significantly better than sintered metal powders, ceramics, fiber, cloth, paper, etc. other types of filter material.

First, sintered wire mesh features:

1. High strength, rigidity: high mechanical strength and compressive strength, processing, welding and assembling good performance, easy to use.

2. Accuracy uniform and stable: for all the filtering accuracy can reach uniform filtration performance mesh in use does not change.

3. Environmental widely: filter can be used to -200 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ temperature environment as well as acid-base environment.
4. A good cleaning performance: countercurrent cleaning effect is good, can be used repeatedly, long life (can countercurrent water, filtrate, ultrasound, melting, baking and other methods to clean).

Second, sintered wire mesh structure features:

Generally divided into five-layer structure, the protective layer is divided into four parts, filter layer, separation layer, the support layer, the kind of filter both uniform and stable filtration accuracy and a relatively high strength and stiffness, high compressive strength requirements and filter uniform size requirements of the occasion is an ideal afraid filter material. Because of its mechanism of surface filtration filter, and mesh slippery, so it has excellent back wash performance, long-term use can be repeated, especially suitable for continuous operation and automation, is any kind of filter material can not be compared a. The sintered wire mesh material Ease of molding, machining and welding, easy processed into production round, cylindrical, conical, corrugated and other forms of filter elements.

Third, the sintered metal mesh Size:

1. Standard Materials: SUS stainless steel.
2. Standard Specifications: 1000mm * 500mm 1200mm * 600mm 1000mm * 1000mm or according to customer requirements.
3. Filter Accuracy: 1--300um.
4. Special specifications according to the demand side supply products

Fourth, sintered mesh Uses:

1. For high-temperature environment for dispersing coolant.
2. For gas distribution, liquid bed plate material.
3. For high-precision, high reliability and high temperature filter material.
4. For the high-pressure oil filter backwash

V. Application:

1. The machinery industry in a variety of precision filtration of hydraulic oil lubricants.
2. Fiber film industry in a variety of polymer melt filtration and purification, the petrochemical industry in a variety of high temperature, corrosive liquid filtration, filtration, washing the material in the pharmaceutical industry, and dried.
3. In the gas industry, uniform powder application, the steel industry in the flow of the plate.
4. The sub-proof electrical buzzer and the like.

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