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Dust filter for industrial uses

2015-06-05 By zhaozhao

Special sttention to the dusty industrial production, industrial dust collection filters are effective tools to solve dust in the air. Industrial dust filter can filter out the dust in the air, high filtration efficiency, simple to install, easy to use, maintenance and so on . Material imports United States composite fiber spum-bonded polyester non-woven fabric production. With high-precision filtration, good waterproof and oil-proof performance, low resistance, volume, stiffness, not deformed, washable, long life and other advantages.

Filter material: polyester fiber paper, fiberglass felt

Made of high quality wood pulp fiber filter paper, high-strength polyeater fiber non-woven filter media for a variety of industrial dusting system for production needs.Applies to : painting equipment, industrial dust, central air conditioning duct cleaning, powder coating, and blasting operations, pigment industry, wood processing, filter and so on. accuracy up to 0.3 microns! 99.96% filtration eddiciency. impored polyester long fiber and fiber interlacing, equally distributed. Good resistance to abrasion, filters the material more resistant to airflow than the traditional pulse-jet cleaning, filters the material stiffness, and repeated washing, End cap, Center frame are galvanized items, no rust.

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