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Filter Disc Filter Level

2020-11-23 By zhaozhao

The discs are typically color-coded to denote the level of filtration. Filtration quality is usually measured in microns, based on the smallest size particle filtered. The typical range is from 25 microns for the finest level of filtration to 400 microns for the coarsest.

The filtration quality is based on the quantity and size of particles that the filtering element is able to retain. Sometimes the filtration quality is given as the equivalent mesh size of a comparable screen filter. Typical mesh sizes range from 40 to 600. When using mesh sizes, 40 is the coarsest, and 600 is the finest or highest level of filtration.

Disc filters can be used for many types of contaminants, including fine sand and organic matter. However, when used to filter organic matter, they will clog more quickly than a media filter and will have to be cleaned more often. One advantage that the disc filter has over the media filter is that it can backflush more quickly with less flush water.

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