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Filtration in the petroleum industry

2021-02-03 By zhaozhao

Regardless of the industry, the filtration process is an essential prerequisite. The same is true for the oil and gas industry.
Oil was found deep in the earth's crust, hidden in a layered structure. Naturally, it is crude or raw, and still mixed with impurities. Therefore, it is necessary to filter the oil to purify the oil and remove impurities.
Generally, the filtration and separation of oil and gas is divided into three stages:
1. Upstream
The upstream part of the oil and gas business consists of production facilities. These facilities are where the hydrocarbons are first recovered in the process.
2. Midstream
Oil production transportation, natural gas processing and LNG production are part of the midstream business. Before pipeline transportation, the separation of oil, gas and water and the removal of solid contaminants are essential.
3. Downstream
Oil and gas refining processes rely on the purity of the feed stream for effective process reactions. Removal of fluid and particulate contaminants from the feed stream and fluid recirculation process is essential to improve refining efficiency.
Advanced filtration solutions for the oil and gas industry can provide enhanced filtration performance in upstream, midstream and downstream business units, thereby reducing operating costs and improving process efficiency.
From upstream solids removal and fluid separation, to the reliability of medium-pressure compressors, to precise downstream refining processes, oil and gas filtration requirements vary greatly.
Like all other industries, the filtration process is the basic premise of the petroleum industry.
Since the existence of oil is vital to the survival and maintenance of industrial civilization, it is refined through proper filtration processes, cleaning and disinfection are equally important for making the product ready and suitable for consumption.

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