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Gas Filter Strainer-Sintered Filter

2020-06-28 By zhaozhao

The use of high purity gases and oils poses new challenges to the industry in terms of process requirements for advanced equipment and plant construction. To achieve and maintain the required purity levels and safety regulations, high-performance oil and gas filters are required. 

Typical Fields of Application are:

1. exploration, transport, storage and processing of oil and gas

2. production of chemical and petrochemical products

3. processing of industrial raw materials

4. operation of stationary and mobile power generation plants

Gas filtration is a complex task. Gas filtration is subject to both high technical requirements and the highest safety standards.

The filtration result is ofter dependent on the type of filter strainer/ filter element used.

Usually, the sintered filter element is the better choice, such as powder sintered filter strainer,. It has good filtration performance (0.5~200μm) and High-temperature resistance (up to 900 °C environment), so the oil and gas industry can use it.

powder sintered filter strainer

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