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Gas and Liquid Filtration use Sintered Filter Cartridge

2020-08-24 By zhaozhao

Filtration is the process by which solid materials are removed from a fluid mixture, either a gas or liquid mixture.

Filtration is carried out for one of two general purposes: in order to capture the solid material suspended in the fluid or in order to clarify the fluid in which the solid is suspended.

Gas and Liquid Industry Filtration usually use the Sintered Filter Cartridge.

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The chemical process industry presents many challenges to the plant operator due to the harsh operating environments and nature of the products being processed.

Filtration is critical in protecting expensive equipment from damage; repair and costly downtime, recovery of high cost catalysts and ensure high quality products are produced in line with the customer's expectation.

Our wide range of sintered metal filter cartridge is used extensively in gas filtration processes, which has proven performance, efficient separation, blowback capability, long life.

We can supply stainless steel sintere metal filter element to a complete turn-key automated filtration system, high filtration efficiency resulting in years of process experience with precisely controlled sintered porous medias.

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