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Historical Record of Anping Wire Mesh Origin and Development

According to the recorded history of Anping County, Anping Wire Mesh (Screen) started from HongZhi Emperor Period of Ming Dynasty. At that time, the silk screen weavers in Tangbei village of Huangcheng Town had business friendships with Asian merchants.
In 1918, Xu Laoshan, born in Xiangguan village of Anping County, introduced the technique of manufacturing metal wire mesh from Japan, and set up the first wire mesh plant in Anping.
In 1928, Anping saw the birth of Minsheng, Yong'an, Tiansheng, Yisheng and other copper wire mesh plants.
In 1937, during the Japanese occupation, the copper wire mesh plants were all ended in destruction.
In 1949, since the founding of People's Republic of China, Anping set up the state-owned Anping County Wire Drawing Plant and four wire mesh (screen) plants named separately as Chengguan, Youzi, Hezhuang and Jiaoqiu based on the collective ownership.
In 1966, with the beginning of the Cultural Revolution, there was a sharp drop in production scale of the screen.
After The Third Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Anping Wire Mesh Industry started to recover.
In 1984, "People's Daily" and "CCTV" reported the development of Anping Wire Mesh (Screen).
In 1985, "1511 Loom" was successfully transformed which signified the changing of wire mesh production from traditional handicrafts to mechanical production.
In 1987, Screen (or wire mesh) development was listed into the national development plan. The first wire mesh products purchase meeting was successfully held at the same year.
In 1990, The relevant state ministries and commissions designated Anping as a crucial export base of wire mesh products.
In 1991, the first enterprise with foreign investment was set up in Anping with the successful introduction of the Japanese shuttle-less arrow loom.
In 1996, Anping saw the construction of Grand Wire Mesh World, a project approved by the State Development Planning Commission.
In 1999, Anping was awarded the honorary title of Wire Mesh Native Land of China by China Hardware Products Association.
In 2000, the Business Directory of Anping Wire Mesh Enterprises was published.
In 2001, the First China (Anping) International Wire Mesh Fair was successfully held in Anping. Anping was awarded the title of Wire Mesh Production Base Area.
In 2001, the book "Anping County Wire Mesh Illustration Selection" was published.
In 2002, the construction of the project "Hebei Anping Wire Mesh Industrial Park" began.
From 2002 to 2007, the second to the seventh China (Anping) Wire Mesh Fair was held in Anping every year. Attracting more and more domestic and foreign companies.
In 2008, the Eighth Wire Mesh Fair have been successfully held from Sep.21 to Sep.23.

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