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How does your business manage wastewater and water resources

2022-07-29 By zhaozhao

How does your business manage wastewater and water resources?

For commercial and industrial operations, the call to recycle water develops for a number of reasons. For any business producing contaminated water, there are legal and ethical obligations to ensure this water is properly treated before being released back into the environment. 

How does your business manage wastewater and water resources


Why does wastewater need to be treated?

When discharging water into council sewers a minimum level of water quality must be met to reduce the load on Council treatment facilities. Typically councils require Oil levels to be reduced and solids to be removed.

How is wastewater treated?

wastewater treatment requires through a filter recycled water.

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Our filter elements can use for follow process:

  • Suspended solids, sand and grit
  • Light and heavy commercial vehicle wash bays
  • Mining equipment wash facilities
  • Treatment for industrial wash effluents
  • Water recycling pre-treatment
  • Mechanics & automotive workshops
  • Treat stormwater and groundwater
  • Resource industries

Regardless of industry, ensuring your filter processes are compliant with guidelines for water treatment is vital. 

Developing wastewater treatment facilities for your business, please contact us now.

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