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How to select the sintered filter element

2020-12-21 By zhaozhao

Sintered Filter Element Types:

According to the material, there are Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge and Non-metal Sintered Filter Element. Metal sintered filters are mainly sintered mesh filters and sintered felt filters made of stainless steel. There is also a Powder Sintered Filter Cartridge made of special metal, such as the  Titanium Sintered powder filter, Monel sintered filter element, etc. The non-metal sintered filter element includes an activated carbon sintered filter element with activated carbon as the material.

Our factory is mainly producing the Sintered Metal Filter Cartridge and powder sintered filter element.

Stainless Steel Sintered Filter element

Three points should be noted when choosing sintered filter elements:

1. When selecting the filter element, if the selected filter element is not suitable for the current working environment, the filter element accuracy is too high, and the working pressure exceeds its allowable working pressure, which will cause the filter element to flatten.

2. The installation of the filter element must be accurate and stable, and if the filter element is not placed well, the filtration work has already begun, which will cause the filter element to be damaged.

3. The sintered stainless steel filter is blocked, and it is not immediately replaced. The filter element is severely blocked by pollutants during work and is not immediately cleaned, which causes the pressure difference of the filter element to increase and the filter element’s insufficient compressive strength to cause the filter element to become flat.

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Titanium Powder Sintered Filter

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