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How to solve the swing problem of the Sintered mesh filter

2019-12-18 By zhaozhao

Handling method of Sintered mesh filter swing: now many screen basket products are used by many industries, especially the Sintered mesh filter and other products inside are becoming the new favorite of the market. But the Sintered mesh filter will sometimes swing when it is used. What should we do in such a case? Next, I will give you a solution.
Sintered mesh filter and basket bottom are connected by screws, basket bottom and spindle are connected by keyless connection, and screws are used to prevent looseness. Discharge cover device: the structure type of the lifting screen basket cover device is canceled, and the lower screen basket cover device is adopted, which saves space and is conducive to placing the distribution tray. The device is mainly composed of a non-standard cylinder, discharge plate, and rotary joint. A cylinder drives the discharger and swivels up or down to open or close the basket. If the Sintered mesh filter swings during use, you can operate according to the above methods, of course, you can also consult the technical after-sales personnel of the manufacturer, and deal with it effectively and timely.
Features of Sintered mesh filter: stainless steel welded screen element is composed of two parts: support bar and screen bar. The support bar can be a round wire or triangular wire or trapezoid wire, and the screen bar is triangular wire (V-shaped wire), with gap size and high filtering accuracy. It has the characteristics of strong structure, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good mechanical performance, long service life, and safety. It can be used for filtering and filtering of various media. Application: it is suitable for the use of the cleaning machine, the hair bed, and the drying oven. The utility model has the advantages of high ventilation efficiency and a good heat dissipation effect. Beer machine: it is suitable for use in the filter tank of the brewery, with the advantages of high opening rate and long service life. Mining machinery: used for desliming and dewatering of coal preparation plant. Environmental protection: it is used to fill oil, gas and water wells with sand, which can prevent formation sand and protect underground and surface equipment. The utility model has the advantages of high opening rate, large filtering area, fast filtering speed, long service life, etc. Chemical industry and others: used for sewage treatment of sugar factory and paper mill; material filtration and dehydration of chemical fertilizer factory and supporting use of various paint baking rooms; starch filtration of food factory; used for ventilation of grain storage.
The above is the relevant content of the Sintered mesh filter, I hope to be able to help you.

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