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Hydraulic filter selection guide

2015-07-31 By zhaozhao

Hydraulic filters are important components of hydraulic circuits of modern equipment. Below Hydraulic filter selection guide will be help full to choose best hydraulic filter.

So selection of right type of filter has become very important to avoid catastrophic failure of hydraulic systems in future which is very costly affair due to down time and replacement of costly components.

By proper selection of efficient filter systems , one can avoid this. While selection filter, one has to consider about its protection from high contamination level and avoid frequent changes or replacements of filter elements.

Important points to be taken care while selecting Hydraulic filter.

Working pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic system: Filters are designed based on these two basic factors. Unless these are specified one can not select filter properly.

Every manufacturer precisely put manual selection guide based on various factors like type of filtering media and micron rating , hydraulic filters by size , pressure drop allowed etc. This has to be combine with user’s own experience regarding problems with filters while selecting. There are different types based on it’s location like, suction, in-line, high pressure, return line, spin on , breathers etc, is available. In case of wire mesh filters , frequency of cleaning and replacements is also very important. End connections are also to be specified as per systems.

Once type of filters are finalized based on location, other important aspects such as pressure drop allowed, micron rating, beta ratio and filtering efficiency, seals, effective flow rate, servicing facilities, interval of replacement etc. are to be considered.

Filter choking indicators are available to be attached to filters . They are visual , electric options, buzzers etc. is available to indicate filter element is chocked Or pressure drop achieved. Other gauges are like level indicators etc. to be selected .
During hydraulic system design, designer has to ensure that filter gives optimum performance and life and its increase components life like valves etc which are costly and sensitive. The systems are to be flushed before starting operations with higher micron rating filters to avoid high cost and system failures in initial stage. New oil should be filtered before use. Constant monitoring of oil quality, wear of components, contamination level and it’s analysis are some important factors , to be considered while selecting hydraulic filter.

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