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Metal Sintered Filter Cloth Packs

2021-12-02 By zhaozhao

Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. can custom manufacture metal sintered filter cloth packs. We can design sintered wire cloth laminates to fit your application and optimize your process. Our metal sintered filter cloth packs can be used in various harsh and high-pressure filtering environments.

The metal sintered filter cloth pack is a wire filtering cloth made by pressing multi-layer stainless steel woven wire cloth, then sintered together in a vacuum furnace. Compared with the ordinary metal cloth pack, the sintered filter cloth has good strength, hardness, and opening positioning.

The benefits of metal sintered filter cloth packs
1. With high stability, it is an ideal choice for meshes with a high percentage of open area or where safety apertures are required.
2. High-temperature resistance, high-pressure resistance, strong mechanical properties.
3. Available in a wide range of alloys. The most common are stainless steel 304/316L.
4. Can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

YUBO metal sintered filter cloth packs can be used for chemical, foodstuffs and spices, stones and powders, pharmaceutical, paper, plastic recycling, and other industries. Yubo provides customized metal sintered filter cloth packs solutions. Welcome to contact us to obtain the details.

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Stainless steel sintered metal filter disc filter cartridge

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