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Multiple layer filter strainer

2020-09-01 By zhaozhao

Multiple layer filter strainer

For challenging applications in filtration, sintered steel meshes are now increasingly used instead of filter meshes. Here, a selected range of meshes are bonded together using heat and pressure. This effectively combines the performance advantages of each individual mesh layer and results in optimisation of the filtration process. The resultant bonded mesh enables the finest filtration to be achieved, but thanks to the robust mesh structure, the medium is resistant to physical loading. The smooth surface also offers advantages for the cleaning process when backwashing.

Multiple layer filter strainer


1.Defined finest aperture size and regular pore distribution

2.Extremely robust, resistant to mechanical and thermal loading 

3.long service life, therefore reduced downtime

4.High flow rates, selectable flow resistance

5.Optimum backwashing capability, advanced reliability in terms of backwashing pressure

6.Reduced loading of the filter medium in pulsation

7.Consistent product quality, advanced levels of corrosion resistance 

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