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OEM Sintered Metal Mesh Industrial Filtration Tube

2020-02-25 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel sintered metal mesh Industrial filter tube are several multilayer woven or perforated stainless steel wire mesh overlapped together, and then sintered in the vacuum sintering furnace. We can roll the sintered filer into tube shape and welding the seam forming sintered tube filer. Due to the stainless steel material, the sintered metal mesh tube filters has excellent properties of resistance corrosion and resistance high-temperature. It is a common use industrial filtration tube for liquid and gas filtration, used in petroleum, polyester, pharmacy, chemical fiber, food and beverage, and water treatment.

Sintered Stainless Steel Filter Tube Features:

Filtration rating from 1 µm to 250 µm.

The minimum outer diameter can be as small as 10 mm.

High mechanical strength, and can maintain a steady filtration performance under high pressure.

This type of cylindrical sintered filter element is easy to clean, especially for backwashing.

Sintered filter tube, the filtering range is more precise, the wall is not easy to be contaminated with debris, and it is easier to clean, which is the best choice for precise filtering.

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