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Optimization and improvement measures for stainless steel sintered mesh

      After the thickness of the steel layer is increased, the gas permeability of the material layer is inevitably reduced. In order to ensure a good ventilation effect after the thickness of the material layer is increased, either the ventilation system is modified, or the mixing and distribution equipment is modified, and the mixing and fabric process parameters are optimized. The cost of investment in retrofitting the exhaust system will be very high. Therefore, the technical adjustment of the mixing system was carried out, and the mixing process parameters were optimized to achieve the purpose of strengthening the granulation effect. In the case that the ventilation system equipment is unchanged, the good gas permeability of the thick layer is ensured. The main measures taken are:

      (1) The water adding mode of the mixer is changed from raining type to atomizing water spraying, and the original designed single-row water supply pipe is changed into three rows, and the position of each row of water-filling pipes extending into the drum is determined according to the water adding curve.
      (2) Set the electric rapping under the funnel of the mixer head to handle the funnel blocking material. It is stipulated that the electric rapping operation should be performed once every 15 minutes. It is forbidden to use the water flushing processing funnel to block the material. This not only solves the problem that the funnel often blocks the material. The problem is that the mixing operation of the mixer is stabilized, which facilitates the uniform distribution of moisture in the mixture and reduces the influence of moisture fluctuation of the mixture on the sintering process. At the same time, adjust the ratio of the first and second mixed waters, and change the ratio of the first and second mixed waters from 4:1 to one mixed with sufficient water, and the second mixed without adding water.
      (3) The stainless steel sintering net optimizes the process parameters of the mixer. At the same time, the scraper and the rare earth oil-containing nylon flower lining plate are installed in the drum to reduce the adhesive on the inner wall of the drum, and the mixer has better mixing and granulation effect.

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