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Perforated Candle Filter Elements for Filtering

2022-01-19 By zhaozhao

Perforated candle filter cartridge is a type of high-efficiency filter element that is fit for a wide range of precise filtration applications. Its outer layer is made from perforated metal mesh and it can suit various filtration and purification applications.

YUBO can custom design and produce different specifications and types of perforated candle filter elements for filtering. The perforated candle filter element can be used in the filtration of gas, water, and oil, impurity purification, particle removal, etc.

The specification of YUBO perforated candle filter elements
1. Materials: stainless steel 304,304L,316,316L, or as per your request.
2. Perforated types: round and square.
3. Types: sintered wire mesh, perforated metal mesh.
4. Filter fineness: 2μm - 300μm.

The advantages of YUBO perforated candle filter elements
1. Heat resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion resistance.
2. High mechanical strength.
3. Good filtering performance.

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Perforated Candle Filter Elements for Filtering

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