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Perforated Filter Elements

2021-05-25 By zhaozhao

Perforated filter elements are made of stainless steel, aluminum, alloy sheet or carbon steel. With accurate filter precision and high anti-corrosion performance, perforated filter elements can filter solid, liquid, gas and others. They are widely applied to rubber, plastic industry, sewage treatment, petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, ships, vehicle industry, food making and where the possibility of needing to filter accurately.
Generally, perforated filter elements can be divided into six types according to shape:

Cylindrical perforated filter elements.
Cylinder perforated filter elements.
Conical perforated filter elements.
Basket shaped perforated filter elements.
Y-type perforated filter elements.
Sintered and special shaped perforated filter elements.

Perforated filter elements features

Accurate filtration accuracy.
High dirt holding capacity and flow rate.
Excellent resistance to alkali, acid, high temperature and wearing.
Perfect strength and durability.
Easy installation.
Low maintenance.
Smooth and beautiful welding line.

Perforated filter elements applications

Perforated filter elements can be used in liquid, gas, solid filtration fields, therefore, it has a wide range of applications:

Liquid filtration in petroleum and sewage treatment fields such as water, corrosion solution, catalyst, drink filtration.
Purify gas in metallurgy and chemical fields such as air, high temperature flue gas filtration.
Sieve solid in chemical fiber film field such as metal powder, food, glass materials, various polymer melts filtration.
Solid-liquid separation filtration.

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