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Perforated Metal Tubes Filter for Air Filtration

2021-12-22 By zhaozhao

Used in air, oil, liquid filtration system. Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures perforated metal tubes filter. Our perforated metal tubes filter is usually made of stainless steel or other alloys according to your requirements, high temperature, and corrosion resistance.

How can we manufacture a qualified perforated metal tubes filter for air filtration?
First, we design the width of the plate and punch holes customized by you according to opening diameter. Then, these plates are rounded in a spiral or straight strip and welded by argon arc welding. Finally, we perform electrolytic polishing, galvanizing, sandblasting, pickling, and passivation on the surface of the perforated metal tubes filter.

The feature of perforated metal tubes filter for air filtration
1. High filtration precision.
2. High temperature and high-pressure resistance.
3. Smooth and flat surface.
4. Perfect strength and durability.
5. Has a long service life.

If you have any questions about our perforated metal tubes filter for air filtration, welcome to contact us at any time! We are pleased to provide the filter solution for you!

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Perforated Metal Tubes Filter

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