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Perforated Plate Production Process

2020-10-14 By zhaozhao

The Production Process of Perforated Plate:



Accurate mold design is the first and principal step in the punching process.


Punch high-quality products by CNC equipment


Cut the perforated plate from the whole roll according to the size you want.

Cutting the edge:

In the production process, if the width of the edge is beyond the tolerance range you requested, we need to cut the extra edges according to your requirements.


Using the leveling machine, make these deformed perforated plates restore their flat state. 


Using lubricant is a part of the punching process. 

Forming and deep processing:

Besides the customers' bookings, we also can provide a series of follow-up processing, including leveling, cutting, labeling, packing, degreasing, burr repairing, forming, annealing, painting, electroplating, welding, polishing, bending, roll.

Surface treatment:

Punching, leveling and cutting may cause flaws on plates, which is acceptable in general industrial supplies. But if you have special requirements, we will take related measures to prevent it, such as powder coating, painting, electro-galvanized, hot-dipped galvanized, anodized, etc.

The production process of the perforated metal filter we provide is generally the above steps. Of course, the production is started after the design drawings are available.
If you still need to customize the filtration solution, we will customize the filtration solution for you before proceeding to the product. 
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