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Perforated Tubes

2022-08-09 By zhaozhao

Perforated Tubes – Purify Liquids and Sieve Materials

With durable materials and various models, perforated tubes can filter liquids, solids and air or sieve different materials to ensure the purity. Weakening noise and granary ventilation are also their important functions. With good acid and alkali resistance, sieving tube is a very practical product for filtering ceramic powders, glass materials, plastic materials, soils, mineral aggregates, drug particles, metal powders, etc.

The perforated tubes have various types based on different applications.

Perforated tube often be used as the outer layer of filter cartridge.

Perforated tube also can be the inner support layer of filter element.

We offer special stainless steel perforated plate for filter beds in water treatment and related technologies. Any design of perforated plate is possible and can be delivered to site within workable lead times.

Sheet length and thickness: We can offer various products according to customer's requirements.

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