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Pleated Filter Disc for the Highest Filtration Efficiency

2021-05-14 By zhaozhao

Pleated filter discs are designed to provide a compact, lightweight element for reliable economical filtration protection in various critical areas of a system to remove contaminants that might otherwise clog or damage control components.

Pleated filter discs are made from stainless steel wire mesh or other alloy mesh to form a solid single or multiple layers structure. And you can customize various types of pleated filter screens that meet applications.

Featured with large filter area and good hardness, pleated extruder screen can give long services for extruder and filter industries. Even in high temperatures or high pressure, it also can ensure material purity.

stainless steel Metal Frame Pleated Filter Disc

Applications for Filter Discs:

1. Can be used for all types of gas and liquid

2. Hydraulics

3. Actuators

4. Valves

5. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Control Systems

6. Pumps

7. Secondary filters 

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stainless steel Metal Frame Pleated Filter Disc

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