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Polymer Filter Element for High-temperature Gas Filtration

2021-08-04 By zhaozhao

Polymer filter element for high-temperature gas filtration can be a pipe type polymer element, can also be a pleated type polymer element. The material is stainless Steel Polymer. It has good high-temperature and corrosion resistance.

The pipe-type polymer element has a smooth surface. Application materials can be stainless steel 304/304L/316/316L, copper, brass, Monel wire, Inconel, titanium, special alloy steel Hastelloy, etc. Compared to the pleater-type polymer element, it is easier to manufacture.

Metalfiber Polymer Candle Filters

The pleater-type polymer element has two main filter materials. One is stainless steel sintered fiber felt, the other is stainless steel woven wire mesh. Compared with the cylindrical filter element, the pleater-type polymer element has a larger filtration area and a stronger dirt holding capacity.

Stainless Steel Polymer Filter Element

There are many applications of the polymer filter element including high-molecular polymer filtration, high-temperature gas filtration, hydraulic system filtration, high-precision membrane pre-filtration, catalyst carrier and regeneration, food, beverage, medicine, etc.

According to the author, Hebei YUBO Filtration Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the custom production of polymer filter elements for high-temperature gas filtration. YUBO looks forward to working with you.

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