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Polymer Filters for Polymer Processing Extrusion

2022-10-13 By zhaozhao

Melt & polymer filters, also known as polymer filters or melt filters, are filter elements used for the production of high performance polymer fibers, films and resins. It is widely used in various polymer process filtration and separation applications.

And the important key part of Melt & polymer filters is--candle filters and filter discs, as it determines the quality of the final products. We offer pleated candle filters and filter discs which made of stainless steel for you to adapt to different working conditions and meet your specific performance requirements for melt & polymer filtration.

Our pleated candle filter is designed to withstand the rigorous requirements of polymer processing. Pleated filter candles offer a pleated surface structure that can increase the surface area of a filter by up to factor 7.

pleated candle filters

Pleated filter candles empower an enhanced performance of the customer process as the increase dirthold-capacity leads to longer runtimes, reduced pressure, and increased throughput potential. 

Filter disc is a kind of flat filter element that is widely used in is polymer processing and melt filtration applications. Filter disc shapes and sizes can be customized upon request.

pleated filter disc

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