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Sintered Bronze Filter Cleaning

2021-11-11 By zhaozhao

The sintered bronze filter is manufactured with metal or other material through compress, high temperature, and other processes sintered. This article will tell you the method of cleaning sintered bronze filters.

The sintered bronze filter is often used for micron-level precision filtration to separate solid particles and impurities in liquids and gases. It has a wide range of applications in various industries such as fluid screening, silencing operations, chemical manufacturing, pneumatic cylinder producing, railway, automotive and marine industries, etc. The sintered bronze filter can be cleaned and repeatedly used to reduce costs. The method of cleaning sintered bronze filters is as follow:
Cleaning method 1: use pressurized water flush sintered bronze filter from inside, then use compressed air flush it in the same way. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times.
Cleaning method 2: use ultrasonic machine cleaning, cleaning for about half an hour.
Cleaning method 3: using a cleaning solution, the cleaning solution chemically reacts with the internal contaminant to clean the sintered bronze filters.

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