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Sintered mesh filter cartridges Manufacture

2019-11-11 By zhaozhao

 Hebei UBO develops and supplies Sintered mesh filter cartridges used for fine, deep or sub-micron filtration. Sintered mesh filter commonly applied materials are stainless steel types 304L and 316L. It is in use for many filtration applications in for example the petrochemical and chemical industry, water conditioning and pharmaceutics.

The sintered mesh filter strainer is mainly used in general filtration, and separation support, and industrial mesh supports and Inlays. The sintered mesh filter strainer is also used in our product groups: such as washing and drying in one step, for example, could be a typical application.

Sintered mesh filter consists of multi-layers of woven wire mesh laminated along by use of ‘ sintering‘. This creates an enormous class of new materials with an awfully wide range of mechanical properties. By combining multiple layers of different mesh weavings, sintered wire mesh design materials with specific target thickness, pore size, permeability, and mechanical strength. Some layers are used for high precision filtration, others for protecting and reinforcing.

Sintered mesh filter cartridges Manufacture

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