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Stainless Steel Test Sieve

2021-01-07 By zhaozhao

Sample sieve, also known as test sieve, standard sieve, coal sample sieve. It is the size classification of the material particles. Tools for particle size detection. It is a sieve that is inspected, appraised and deemed to meet the standards by a designated agency.
The test sieve has strict mesh size regulations, which are generally expressed by the number of meshes and apertures. The standard sieve is mainly used in various laboratories, laboratories, item screening, screening, and other inspection departments to determine the particle size structure of granular and powdery materials. Accurate screening, filtering and testing of liquid solid content and amount of debris. This series of inspection sieve has the advantages of low noise, standard sieve body, sieve and filter sample efficiency, and high precision. It is widely used in metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, Scientific research and production, laboratories, and quality inspection rooms in the departments of medicine, building materials, geology, and national defense. The categories are divided into: conventional standard sieve, chemical special sieve, soil special sieve, gravel special sieve, sand special sieve, cement special sieve, asphalt special sieve, coal special sieve, metallurgical ore inspection sieve, etc.
The standard inspection sieve frame materials include ordinary iron sheet, stainless steel, copper sieve frame, etc. The general screens include nylon mesh, stainless steel mesh and red copper mesh. Electroplating process can be used according to the requirements of different processes and inspection requirements. Generally, the standard inspection sieve is made of stainless steel standard inspection sieve frame.
Commonly used standard inspection screens are divided into two types: top impact type and flapping type. Among them, the top impact standard screening machine is often called the standard inspection screen, and the flapping standard screening machine is often called the flapping standard vibration. Screening machine, users need to choose different standard screening machines according to different purposes. The standard inspection sieve and the flapping standard vibrating machine can use the same series of inspection sieve frames.
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