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Stainless steel pleated filter strainer

2019-11-07 By zhaozhao

Stainless steel pleated filters are widely used for oil and liquid filtration. The main products are stainless steel pleated filter and stainless steel pleated filter strainer. The material of the stainless steel pleated filter is SS 304, 316 or 316L. They are rust-proof and are not affected by many corrosive liquids.

 The pleated woven wire mesh can increase the surface area to increase filtration efficiency. The entire stainless steel pleated filter is made by welding and crimping. Filtration ranges from 2 microns to 500 microns. In addition, the size, gap, material of the product, we can customize the product according to customer requirements.

 The main advantages of stainless steel pleated filters are high-temperature resistance, easy cleaning, reusability and can withstand different pressures.

Rust prevention and easy cleaning are important for the filter element. With advanced technical support, our filter components can be reused in the application. The cleanability function reduces processing costs when screening hazardous liquids.

 In addition to these features, the stainless steel pleated filter also features high dust holding capacity, accurate filtration rating, low-pressure drop, high-reliability standard specifications, strong corrosion and acid, and alkali resistance, durability, reusability and cost savings. 

Ubow is the filter strainer manufacturer from China, can provide the custom Stainless steel pleated filter strainer and wedge wire products, welcome contact us if you want to know more.

Stainless steel pleated filter strainer
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