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The process of the starch sugar fitration

2016-05-20 By Yolanda Cao

Every kinds of the starch sugar is getting from the corn starch that by acyl exchange or enzymolysis. There are the liquid product (such as the glucose, maltose, fructose syrups) and solid product(such like the anhydrous glucose, crystalline fructose, malto dextrin, ect) The starch sugar are widely used as the sweetening agent. In the hospital, the crystalline fructose are used for the injection, troche embedding medium, medicinal syrup sweeteners. The glucose and maltose hydrogenation could generate the potassium sorbate, it is used in the food and the toothpaste, it could prevention of the dental caries. Besides, the Polyols can lead to candy corn products into the oil field.

1, The adjustment of the starch milk: adjust the DS rating ot the starch that getting into 28%-32%, and control the proper temperature and pH value. Or add some water to achieve the above conditions, then proceed to next step.

2.Liquidation: Put the starch into the buffer tank, then liquidation by the injection way under the liquifying enzyme.

3. Saccharify: The Liquefied materials will keep for a certain time under the action of the enzymes. The DE rating of the flucose will effecting. Then the materials will be send into the eliminate enzyme container to eliminate enzyme.

4.Filtering and decoloring: Use the Filters remove the protein from the glucose, then use the active carton decoloration in the suitable temperature. At last, put the in the filters to remove the activated carbon. Then the last setp
5. Evaporation:  the security filter clean completely, and then put them to the evaporator to concentrate the DS value as the final product.

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