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The Perforated Metal Cylinder Used for Liquid Filtration

2021-07-21 By zhaozhao

The perforated metal cylinder has a smooth surface and a strong structure. And it's often used for liquid filtration. Today the article will introduce the perforated metal cylinder used for liquid filtration.

The perforated metal cylinder is a type of filter net. Generally made of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, or copper plate, the hole shape is round or square. With a perfect design, each filter contains a porous metal cylinder or cone component, which supports one or more layers of very fine wire mesh.

The features of the perforated metal cylinder:
1.Excellent stainless steel corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt corrosion resistance.
2.Sturdy structure and different hole patterns.
3.High porosity and excellent permeability.
4.Easy to shape, paint, polish, weld, and clean.
5.The welding seam is uniform, the compression resistance is strong, and the crevice corrosion will not increase.
6.Easy to process and install.

It can be used for ceramic sewage cleaning, beverage, sewage treatment, corrosive liquid filtration, beer brewing filter, and other liquid filtration. Except for liquid filtration, it is also widely used in air filtration, solid filtration, oil filtration, and other fields.

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