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The Purpose of Pleated Filters

2020-11-03 By zhaozhao

If you’re a regular buyer of air filters, you’re likely acquainted with the broad range of air filter products available to you. While there are many air filter products on the market for you to choose from, it’s best to have a general understanding of their classifications. Most air filters fall into one of two broad air filter classifications: pleated filter and non-pleated air filters.

Do you know why pleated filters are an optimal product choice?  Today, we’ll delve into the purpose of pleats in air filters, and how they aid in the filtration process. 

Pleated filters are known for their ability to filter more particulate over non-pleated filter types. 

 The Purpose of Pleated Filters

As its name suggests, pleated filters are defined by their folding pattern as part of its filter media. The pleats in the filter media expand the surface area density while simultaneously reducing airflow - allowing them to effectively collect more particulate than standard non-pleated filter products.

Another reason people tend to choose pleated air filters over non-pleated types is that they require less maintenance. It is best advised that non-pleated disposable filters be changed monthly or every 30 days. Whereas pleated filter products can last up to 3 months of use. 

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