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Two sieve screening methods have their own characteristics

2015-07-22 By zhaozhao

Sieve work is not the only way, there are horizontal and vertical screening screening in two ways. Usually we use the level of screening method more, because the horizontal screen is more simple in operation, but also a place it vertically screening applications. Next, Runda as we sort of both screening methods:
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Sieve level screening is a way of working we often see, it is able to face the sun scattered in the material in accordance with pore size exclusion. If the particles are larger than the pore size, so large particles of impurities will be left in the sun surface. And this work is also very easy to implement, because the material is directly on the surface of the sun, screening job easily expanded.

If you take a vertical sieve screening works, that would be more trouble, because of the need to use some equipment to carry out. For example, we need some sorting equipment, we can sieve vertically mounted on these devices, if the operation mode is a rotating screening device, then you can use the vertical sieve sieve to play to their capabilities.

In summary, we according to the actual application, you can see the difference between them and the specific characteristics of the application of the two methods, it can under the circumstances described above, select the screening method, only in different environments to choose different screening The method, in order to maximize the efficiency of the sieve.

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