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Type and application of hydraulic filter

2019-11-26 By zhaozhao

Hydraulic filter element is a very important part of the hydraulic system. Automotive, agriculture, mining, equipment and other industries, and even in many aspects of our lives, we need hydraulic systems to power them. Its main application industries are:
1. Metallurgy: used for filtering of rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system and filtering of various lubrication equipment.
2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products during oil refining and chemical production, filtration of oilfield injection water and natural gas.
3. Textiles: Purify and uniformly filter the polyester melt during the drawing process, protectively filter the air compressor, and remove oil and water from the compressed gas.
4. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pretreatment filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pretreatment filtration of cleaning solution and glucose.
5. Thermal and nuclear power: gas purification of boilers, boiler lubrication systems, speed control systems, bypass control systems, water pumps, fans and dust removal systems.
6.Machining equipment: Lubrication system of papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery, purification of compressed air, dust recovery and filtering of smoke processing equipment and spray equipment
7. Railway internal combustion engine and generator: engine oil and engine oil filtration.
8. Automotive engines and construction machinery: air filters, oil filters, fuel filters for internal combustion engines, hydraulic oil filters, diesel oil filters and engineering machinery, water filters for ships and trucks.
9. Various lifting and loading operations: transporting lifting, loading and other construction machinery to special vehicles, such as fire fighting, maintenance and loading and unloading; cargo winches and anchor cables for ships; blast furnaces and steelmaking equipment; ship locks; door lifts Installations; theater's lifting ponds and platforms; various automatic transport lines.
10. Various pushing, pushing, pressing, shearing, shearing, mining and other devices that require force: hydraulic press, die casting, metal material forming, rolling, rolling, drawing, shearing equipment, injection molding machine, plastic extruder , Chemical machinery, tractors, harvesters and other agricultural and forestry machinery, logging, mining tunnels, grounds of mines and mining equipment, various ship steering gear, etc.

Type of hydraulic filter
1. Hydraulic suction filter.
Installed on the suction line of the pump, it removes the residues in the fuel tank and the pollutants that enter the fuel tank through the air inlet to protect the pump.
The filter element installed in this position protects all components in the system. However, due to the limitation of the oil absorption of the pump, we need to choose a low-pressure filter element, which will reduce the filtering accuracy, and the particles generated by the pump wear will enter the system, which cannot completely protect other hydraulic component systems.
2.High pressure hydraulic filter
Installed at the pump outlet. Filter out dirt from the suction and keep the system clean. Because the pressure at this location is relatively large, high pressure resistance should be considered when selecting a filter element.
3.Hydraulic oil return filter
Installed on the return line of the system. New or external contaminants in the system can be filtered before returning to the tank.
This is the more important filter element in the entire pipeline and must be tested when selecting the filter element.
4.Circular filter
Installed on the fuel tank circuit. Need high-precision filter element.
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