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Wastewater Treatment Of Pharmaceutical Factory

2020-07-27 By zhaozhao

Pharmaceutical wastewater has gradually become one of the important pollution sources. Because of its complex composition, high organic content, high toxicity, deep color and high salt content, especially its poor biochemical property and intermittent discharge, compared with the wastewater from coal industry, it is more difficult to treat.

The production process of chemical pharmacy consists of the production of APIs and pharmaceutical preparations. APIs are obtained through chemical synthesis process and separation and purification of medicinal plants.

The characteristics of the production process are: long production process and complex process; many kinds of raw and auxiliary materials, high quality standards of intermediates and products in the production process, strict quality control of raw materials and intermediates; low net yield of materials, many by-products and three wastes.

The wastewater produced by chemical pharmaceutical enterprises in industrial production is one of the more polluted and difficult to treat industrial wastewater. It has the characteristics of high content of organic matter and inorganic salt, poor biodegradability, intermittent discharge and large fluctuation of water volume.

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