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What Are Sinter Metal Powder Filters Used for

2021-10-13 By zhaozhao

Sinter metal powder filters use metal powder as a raw material without adding a binder. The article will tell you the usages of sinter metal powder filters.

The sinter metal powder filters are resistant to acid and alkali, high temperatures. They can be used in various harsh industrial environments which include chemical industry filtration, catalyst recovery, coal processing, mining processing, oil well exploration, etc.

Filtration systems using sintered metal media for gaseous, solid, and liquid separation have proven to be an effective and efficient alternative to other separation methods that can be vulnerable to pressure peaks, high temperatures, and/or corrosive environments.

The features of sinter metal powder filters
1. Suitable for industrial applications with strong acids and bases.
2. High-temperature resistance: 480℃ can still be used.
3. High filtration precision.
4. Strong mechanical properties.

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