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What Are The Applications of Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridges

2021-07-09 By zhaozhao

The sintered mesh filter element is made of multiple layers of sintered mesh, usually 5 layers of stainless steel wire mesh. Today the editor will introduce the applications of sintered mesh filter cartridges.

The applications of sintered mesh filter cartridges:
1.Materials used for gas distribution and fluidized bed.
2. High-pressure backwash oil filter.
3.Distribute and cool high-temperature materials.
4.The material requires high precision and stable high-temperature performance.

The sintered mesh filter cartridges have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature, and high-pressure resistance. So they are often used in polyester, fluidized bed, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, chemical fiber filtration, food and beverage, liquid and gas filtration, oil and gas filtration, and water treatment industries.

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Sintered wire Metal Filter Candle of five layers wire mesh

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