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What are Powder Sintered Filter

2020-08-21 By zhaozhao

Powder sintering is a metallurgy process where metal powder mass becomes compact body called ‘sintered’ after being heat treated in the temperature just below its melting point. A similar process is baking (calcination).

Standard specification

●Wide range of filtration rating capability (0.1μ~200μ)

●Outstanding heat resistance (Max. 950℃)

●Highly recyclable after cleaning methods such as high pressure, high temperature steam, chemical and bake cleaning

●Excellent backflushing performance

●Superior durability (against wear and impact) 


Sintered stainless steel powder filter elements can be made into tube type and plate type. Because of the good permeability, filter fitness and high stock utilization, they are widely used in medical industry, chemical industry, metallurgical industry and field of gas purification.

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