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What is the filtration and how to Cleaning Sintered Filter Parts

2020-11-16 By zhaozhao

What is the filtration?

Filtration is the separation of solids or contaminants from liquids or gases by filter elements so that only the fluid/gas can pass. Filters are integral parts of any systems which contain fluids (liquids or gases). This process of eliminating contaminants through filtration ensures the reliability and quality of the products. 

Cleaning Sintered Filter Parts

Sintering is a process in which small particles of metal or any of many other materials either isolated or in combination with others are compressed, heated, or in some other way caused to fuse together to a greater or lesser degree depending on the application to form a solid shape. Porous sintered material is also used as a filter in some applications.

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Ultrasonic cleaning has proven effective in cleaning sintered parts and is recommended almost universally, especially for cleaning sintered metal filters. 

UBO is the sintered filter element manufacturer & exporter in China, we not only provide the filter element strainer to you, but also provide the information about the cleaning, maintain, replace,drawing ,etc service.

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