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Where Will The Sintered Metal Porous Cone Filter Be Used for

2021-07-16 By zhaozhao

The sintered metal porous cone filter is generally made of stainless steel sintered mesh through precision cutting and welding. In our daily life, we often use it. Where will the sintered metal porous cone filter be used for? Let us see.

The applications of the sintered metal porous cone filter:
1.Food and Spices. The sintered metal porous cone filter is often used in the filtration of some specific food and spices such as used to filter milk powder, coffee, tea, rice, grains, etc.
2.Used in the papermaking process. For example, screen shavings and prepare coatings.
3.Used in the screening process of various fertilizers such as phosphate, potash, urea, and mixed fertilizers.
4.The sintered metal porous cone filter is also used in the precision screening of metal powder in some industries.
5.Used for filtering and sieving animal feed (dust particles, screenings, molasses food).
6.For mineral processing.
7.It also is used in Some chemical products, pharmaceutical products, coal processing, etc.

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