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Which Factors should you Consider when Choosing Stainless Steel Filter Disc

2021-07-01 By zhaozhao

Selecting the right filter disc to ensure the efficiency of your filtration system, therefore, you should consider the following factors when choosing a stainless steel filter disc:

· Type of Filter Media
There are different filter media types such as random metal fiber, photo-etched, and sintered filtration media, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you need to choose a stainless filter disc with the right filtration media for your applications.

· Type of Stainless-Steel used
Stainless steel comes in various kinds, with each type having its advantages that are fit for different purposes.

For that matter, it is crucial to ascertain the individual characteristics of the material used to make a filter disc before buying one.

Such characteristics consist of pressure and temperature limits and reactions to other compounds and conditions.

· Mesh Number
This is the number of holes per inch of a stainless steel filter mesh.

If the mesh number is big, it indicates that there are numerous holes per inch of the filter disc mesh.

It as well signifies that the individual holes are small in size and vice versa.

· Mesh Size
The mesh size designates the size of individual holes on the mesh of the stainless steel filter disc.

It is always measured in millimeters, microns or fractional inches.

· Strand Diameter
This is a crucial consideration when selecting a stainless steel filter disc.

When a wire has a broad strand diameter, it signifies that it has tiny mesh holes.

In short, the larger the diameter of the strand, the greater the mesh number of the stainless steel wire mesh filter disc.

The diameter of the strand is a percentage of the overall surface area of the stainless steel filter mesh, i.e., the percentage open area.

Therefore, when you have a greater percentage of open area, it indicates that the filter disc has a high flow.

· Filament Diameter
This parameter affects the mesh openings and the percentage open area of the filter mesh.

· Fluid Compatibility
You should make sure that the stainless steel filter disc is well-matched with the fluid you want to filter.

This helps in avoiding any reaction between the filter disc and the fluid involved since any reaction will impact negatively on the quality of the filtration process.

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