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Why use Sintered Mesh Filter Cartridges

2019-11-20 By zhaozhao

Coil Sintering is a process that utilizes time, temperature, and atmosphere to secure or stick intersections of the wire mesh. The mesh can be calendered prior to heat treating to aid in bonding. The process produces a stable, secure mesh that is ideal for deep drawing and or reducing the risk of loose wire's loose.

What is sintered mesh?

The sintered mesh is manufactured from one layer or multiple layers of woven wire meshes by a "sintering" process. The single-layer woven wire mesh is first roller flattened uniformly, to ensure good contact at the wire cross over points. Then the single layer or more layers of this calendered mesh are then laminated by special fixtures under mechanical pressure in a high-temperature furnace, which is filled with proprietary inset gas and the temperature is raised to a point where sintering (diffusion-bonded) occurs. After the controlled-cooling process, the mesh has become more rigid, for all the contact points of individual wires bonding with each other. Sintering improves the characteristics of woven wire mesh through the combination of heat and pressure. The sintered mesh can be single layer or multiple layers, according to filtration need, one layer of perforated metal can be added to reinforce the whole structure. What's more, the sintered mesh can be cut, welded, pleated, rolled into other shapes, like a disc, plate, cartridge, cone shape. Compared with traditional wire mesh as a filter, the sintered mesh has prominent advantages, high mechanical strength, high permeability, low-pressure drop, wide range of filtration rating, easy to backwash. Although the cost seems higher than a traditional filter, but its long using life and excellent properties gain more popularity with clear advantages.

Sintered mesh application


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