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possible steps to the wastewater treatment process

Lime softening

In waters where you have high hardness or sulfates, or other constituents you need to precipitate or take out, a lime and/or a lime soda process is used. It raises the pH, causing hardness and metals in the water to precipitate out. Cold, warm, or hot lime processes can be used, and each will yield a different efficiency. In general, hotter water removes more hardness.

Ion exchange softening

In some industrial and municipal applications, if there’s high hardness, there may be post treatment for the removal of the hardness. Instead of lime, a softening resin can be used; a strong acid cation exchange process, whereby resin is charged with a sodium ion, and as the hardness comes through, it has a higher affinity for calcium, magnesium, and iron so it will grab that molecule and release the sodium molecule into the water.

Special processes

As we stated above, wastewater and effluent regulations differ everywhere you go. We have discussed some of the most common steps in a wastewater treatment plant. Typically there are special process steps to treat for a specific issues, such as the removal of certain metals or organics, or to reduce TDS for recycling etc. For these various problems specific to your individual needs, careful consideration must be given for the proper method of treatment.  

In conclusion

UBO has over 10 years’ experience custom-designing and manufacturing wastewater treatment systems, so please feel free to reach out to us with your questions. For more information or to get in touch, contact us here. You can also visit our website to set up a call with an engineer or request a quote. We can walk you through the steps for developing the proper solution and realistic cost for your wastewater treatment system needs.

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