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Hydraulic system mini oil filter element

Hydraulic system mini oil filter element

Hydraulic system mini oil filter element
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Details of Hydraulic system mini oil filter element:

Mini valve filter element is welded by vacuum electron beam, used for filtration of hydraulic oil and gas in hydraulic  oil and pneumatic control system. The features are high precision, high rigidity and strength,low resistance,large flow,good clearance,easy to use,stable filter aperture and long service life etc., it is alternative for sintered bronze powder element (the first generation valve filter), and metal mesh filter supported by framework(the second generation valve filter)and even imported wire wound filter element,  to make the service system more stable and more reliable. It is widely used in many fields such as aerospace, aviation, hydraulic machine, precision machine tool, automatic control. 

Sintered wire mesh laminates are composed of  5-layer or multi-layer stainless steel wire mesh, which is special canlendering and sintering in vacuum oven, to create a new filter material with high strength and rigidity. Its interlaced mesh forms a uniform and ideal filtration structure. As a new filter material, it not only overcomes the disadvantages of ordinary metal mesh, such as lower strength, poor rigidity, unstable hole shapes, but has excellent performances such as high precision and strength,efficient flow restriction, mechanical and resistance to abrasion,heat by reasonably arranging its porosity, permeability and strength. Therefore, its total performance has obviously advantages than sintered powder, ceramic, fiber cloth, other filter material.


Our sintered metal mesh has been widely used in many industries such as aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, purification, gas-solid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid separation cooling, gas distribution, fluidization bed, gas sampling collection, shock reducing, sound attenuation, inflaming retarding.

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