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Metal Cellosilk Disc Filter

Metal Cellosilk Disc Filter

Metal Cellosilk Disc Filter
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Details of Metal Cellosilk Disc Filter:

Metal Cellosilk Disc Filter is mainly used to filter biaxial oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) during production.

Technical Data

Working Pressure less or equal 31.7Mpa

Working Temperature less or equal 300 degree

Fluid Viscosity less or equal 260Pa.s

Allow Pressure Drop less or equal 10Mpa

Filter Precision: 10-60 microns

The Metal Fiber disc filters consists of filter disc and strainer, mainly used to filter impurities from spinning dope, which exist in front side of spinneret of spindle, for synthetic fiber and article fiber in chemical fiber industries, in order to make sure unblock spinneret holes, improve spinning dope purity, and guarantee spinning quality


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