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SS Round 316L Disc Filter

SS Round 316L Disc Filter

  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:SS316L
  • Properties:filter disc
  • Application:filtration
  • tag:round,SS 316L,disc filter,
SS Round 316L Disc Filter
Wire Mesh Wire Mesh
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Details of SS Round 316L Disc Filter:

SS Round 316L Disc Filter

Description of Sintered Filter Disc 

Sintered filter disc is made of Stainless steel wire mesh, aluminum wire cloth, nickel-plated wire cloth, brass wire mesh, galvanized square wire mesh and other available wire cloth as media. It has the characteristics of long life span, easy cleaning, low cost, etc.


Technology of SS Round 316L Disc Filter

It is made through piercing, etch, cutting, folding border craft, progressive bending, etc.


Features of SS Round 316L Disc Filter


The shapes have circular, ellipse, rectangle, kidney shape, the bowl, cap model, conical, single piece or multiple, layered, and other special shapes according to the outside designs.


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