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Sinter Powder Filter for Fuel Oil

Sinter Powder Filter for Fuel Oil

Sinter Powder Filter for Fuel Oil
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Details of Sinter Powder Filter for Fuel Oil:

Sinter Powder Filter for Fuel Oil

Detailed Product Description

The sintered powder filter can be used for filtering gas, liquid and fuel oil.

Sintered Metal Powder Filter



The filter is made by sintering fine metal particles with special process, which has good permeability, high precision, excellent strength and ductility. It has better performance than that filter made of paper, copper wire and other fiber cloth, and easy to removal and clean.


2.Filter Material

It can be made of stainless steel powders, bronze powders, nickel powders, titanium powders, high temperature alloy powders. We also can provide other kind of material if you required.



It can be used for filtering gas, liquid, and fuel oil. It is widely applied in petroleum, chemical, tractor, airplane and ship industries, and also applied as the filter element of pneumatic and hydraulic circuit.


4.Technical Data

a It has equally surface filtering performance for 0.1~100μm particles.

b It can be continuously filtering under -200~900oC temperature.

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