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Sintered Filter Mesh Plate

Sintered Filter Mesh Plate

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Sintered Filter Mesh Plate
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Details of Sintered Filter Mesh Plate:

Sintered Filter Mesh Plate

Sintered Filter Mesh Plate  is a kind of the most widely used standards for the structure of sintered network. This sintered network is the five-story stainless steel wire mesh stacked together in sequence, after a new type of vacuum sintered filter material.


Sintered Filter Mesh Plate  Construction

1. protective layer

2. filter control layer

3. dispersion layer

4. supporting skeleton layer

5. skeleton layer of five parts.


The material has a filtering accuracy of stability, strength, easy-to-clean features


Sintered Filter Mesh Plate  Features:

1. high mechanical strength and compressive strength. Machining, welding and assembly properties of a good, easy to use.


2. Filter layer on the second floor so that it has been well protected and diversion, filtering precision can reach uniform filter performance, ensure that it has high stability.


3. Selection of 316L material, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and can be used to -200 °C ~ 480 °C temperature and acid-base environment, filtering.

Sintered Filter Mesh Plate Application

Aerospace, aviation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, machining, pharmaceutical, food, sythetic fiber, film, enviromental protection industries in respect of filtration and purification, gas-solid, liquid-solid, and gas-liquid seperation, cooling, gas distribution, liquidization bed, gas sampling collection, shock reducing, sound attenuation, inflaming retarding

  Distribution and cooling material in high temperature condition;

material used for gas distribution and fluidization bed;

material requiring high precision,stable performance in high temperature;

high pressure backwashed oil filter.


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