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What is sintered mesh filter

Sintered wire mesh filter cartridge that we industry's professional terms, its main function is to dust or impurity, making sintered wire mesh filter to filter resources available put to good use, so as to achieve the requirements of users.
Sintered wire mesh filter nature of work is in the air After removal of small amount liquid or solid particles in order to protect the normal operation of the equipment or clean air, gas or liquid into the home of a certain size of sintered wire mesh filter, its impurities are blocked, and clean the gas or liquid flowing through the filter. In many industries, especially micro-filtration filter industry is very common.
Let's take a brief look at three common sintered mesh filter: sintered wire mesh filter, stainless steel filter, stainless steel folded filter.
Sintered wire mesh filter is applied, the primary filter uses a five sintered stainless steel mesh. UBO production of sintered wire mesh filter is made of sintered mesh after cutting precision welded sintered filter. Sintered mesh filter the most important point is the use of a large number of high-precision welding technology, sintered filter using seam welding carried out after Rolling treatment, welding to ensure roundness, flat weld seam after correction can make the overall look more beautiful. Could be developed according to customer requirements;
Our sintered wire mesh filter in through professional and technical personnel of research and development since. Has been well received by our customers love, we can guarantee a minimum value filter in 1um (one micron) is difficult to achieve a lot with the industry standard limits.

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